CSEE&T 2023

"Business Programming" - Critical Factors from Zero to Portable GUI Programming in Four Hours

Workshop (three hours, optionally a "hands-on" hour) by Prof. Rony G. Flatscher

Workshop Slides

At the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Bachelor students can learn programming from scratch and are thus able to create portable GUI programs for Windows, MacOS and Linux in just one semester. This is possible within 60 hours (4 hours per week) of class attendance ("contact hours") and a total learning load of 200 hours, which corresponds to 8 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. Several critical success factors make this possible, including the course objectives, the course structure, the pedagogical principles, and finally the programming language used.

This workshop shares experiences and insights from a 35-year evolution of the programming class. Attendees will be able to understand key aspects of the course that they can apply to their own teaching. In addition, in the spirit of open education, all slides and nutshell examples are freely available and will be presented briefly such that attendees can adapt them for their own courses.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 ("hands-on" - Bring Your Laptop!)


Prof. Rony G. Flatscher has been successful in teaching introductory courses to programming to interested business administration students in a four hour lecture in a single semester (four months) from zero to portable GUI programming. The teaching concepts (organisation, slides, nutshell examples, software infrastructure, toolings) have been developed over 35 years, constantly systematically observing and analyzing four courses per year where the students served for experiments when changing teaching concepts. This allowed for constantly improving the lecture and materials over the years such that it has become possible to reliably teach successfully programming this lecture.

This workshop will allow the attendees to learn the teaching concepts such that they can assess them, apply them immediately (including the slides, see link section below) and directly for their own successful teaching of such introductory classes.